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Brookstone Schools is a non-denominational Christ-centered school with grades K-5.  Brookstone Schools’ mission is to equip urban students spiritually, academically, and socially for lives of future leadership and service.  The vision of Brookstone Schools is to ensure that the lives of our children will be transformed with a desire for excellence ad a heart for the future of our community.

Brookstone Schools


Hanna provides homes for 226 children. Instead of one big compound, these kids are split into homes of 8 kids each, and provided with food, clothing, and a house mom. Through this ministry, they are able to experience family life for the first time.


Training center for blind and disabled people. Hulegeb's offers an alternative to those who would otherwise beg on the streets to earn a living. Here they are taught trades and given the opportunity to sell their product in the on-site store.